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Blanca Pauliukevicius


Blanca Pauliukevicius MBA, Venezuelan born, multi-passionate entrepreneur, Educated in Finance,  and has worked in that field over 20 years for private, public and Higher Education.  She has travel extensively, and lived in South America, North America and the U.K.  She knows what is like to have the influence of travel in her worldview and understands the social impact of collaborative services, partnerships & human connection to impact the world, specially in the most disadvantaged communities of colors, particularly in Los Angeles, CA. 

With an MBA and extensive finance experience, having gone through burnout at work, done serious personal healing, having been at the brink of homelessness and getting the right support at the right time, she knows exactly what it takes to build up a women, and change the trajectory of her life and her family’s future. Her business acumen, warm and compassionate personality and  heart to empower women of color, and immigrants, makes her the perfect match for other partnering business to make an impact in our society.

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“Emotional & Financial literacy are key for Black and Brown women to break the generational traumas & poverty, and thrive with impact”

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