Fighting generational poverty IN COMMUNITIES OF COLOR to Thrive with Impact.

About us

We are about ending poverty & financial illiteracy by increasing holistic wellness & financial independence for the most vulnerable populations in Los Angeles, CA.


Empowering the most vulnerable population in Los Angeles County, through education, wellness and financial literacy to fight generational poverty, gender equality, and women’s rights.


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To become the leading social enterprise, in Los Angeles county, providing empowerment, wellness, financial literacy and  resources to minority communities, so they can thrive with impact in their communities.

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We hold high the value of Equity. We fight for social justice and equity, particularly for underrepresented communities of color.

We value collaborations and partnerships with other socially-minded enterprises and community members.

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Partnering with entrepreneurs and business to engage community members in healing and getting financially stabilized.

Creating a community of like-minded, diverse mentors to offer peer- support  to more vulnerable community members.

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“Thrive with Impact has been a life saver for me and my family. I went from being in a state of trauma and destitute, to having the bandwidth and knowledge how to pull myself back up emotionally and financially.”

Linda Mendoza

“I know feel empowered to believe my dreams are actually possible and doable. I feel supported to continue my education and impact my family’s access to wealth for generations to come.”

Kisha Hill

“Blanca offered a lot of great ideas to both expand and cultivate my vision. It was a positive experience. I felt empowered, brave, seen and heard. I came away from our session feeling inspired and motivated to manifest my vision into coming to fruition. Blanca’s business acumen combined with her creativity as an artist provides an individualized blueprint to her clients that leaves room for out-of-the-box problem solving, feedback and guidance.”

Dr. Elynar Moreno

“The most memorable part of our coaching session was that Blanca made me feel understood and safe when I opened up and told her about the most intimate experiences of my life. I felt instant connection and it made it very easy to talk to her about my ideas. She was helping me in giving pointers on how to proceed with my business and to find clarity on what to focus on next. Her insightfulness and vast knowledge of the business field helped tremendously but most importantly she gave me confidence to follow my dreams and courage to pursue my passion. I strongly recommend her, she is awesome”

Eva Wicha

“After working with Blanca, I felt relief and more awareness of my patterns. Before I felt I was very doubtful about my capacity to manage my own finances- once we met Blanca started breaking everything down for me in a simple way that I understood, and made me realized I could actually do it. I felt great relief and was in awe on how simple I could actually start taking control of my finances. Blanca opened my eyes to my true expenses and showed me ways to take control, and understand that I could change  my future and that of my family! It has me pumped up to make changes!”

Roxy Lopez

Meet Our Team

Blanca Pauliukevicius  grew up in poverty but had an incredible drive to get out of it, beat the odds and succeed in her goals. She pursue her education in Public Finance and became an auditor to Fortune 100 companies for over 7 years in her native country, Venezuela. She migrated to the U.K. to pursue her pos-graduate studies, and eventually moved to the U.S. setting residence in Los Angeles, CA. She has worked in Higher Education Finance for 15 years, and learned the value of having a strong education, a drive to succeed and support to stay well enough to face the challenges women of color have to survive in the current times in the U.S.  Blanca started several empowerment projects to lift other women up locally and globally. Now, her awesome experience is now available to all our clients.

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